Fairview Memorial Park

Gifts to the Cemetery

Fairview Memorial Park Perpetual Care Fund

Become a Steward of Northlake’s History

Fairview Memorial Park, established in 1925, stands as a tranquil sanctuary and the final resting place for countless Northlake residents. Steeped in history, its serene grounds serve as a poignant reminder of the community’s rich tapestry. To preserve this vital green space and guarantee its beauty for future generations, we invite your participation through our Perpetual Care Fund.

Your Gift, Our Lasting Legacy

Gifts to the Perpetual Care Fund directly support the ongoing maintenance and beautification of Fairview Memorial Park. 100% of your gift is meticulously directed towards:

  • Meticulous Groundskeeping: Our dedicated staff ensures a serene environment for all visitors through professional lawn care, hedge trimming, meticulous tree maintenance, and the upkeep of pathways. Your gift allows us to maintain this tranquil atmosphere.
  • Safeguarding History Through Preservation: Headstones and memorials within Fairview Memorial Park represent the stories and legacies of Chicago’s past. Your gift allows us to employ specialized techniques to safeguard the integrity of these historic markers, ensuring they continue to tell their stories.
  • Cultivating a Peaceful Sanctuary: Beyond basic maintenance, your gift enables us to foster a peaceful atmosphere through ongoing flower plantings, the addition of benches along pathways, and the cultivation of a serene aesthetic that reflects the cemetery’s respectful purpose.

Every Gift Holds Significance

By giving a gift to the Perpetual Care Fund, you become a vital partner in safeguarding the cemeteries’ rich history and ensuring its enduring beauty. Your generosity allows this cherished landmark to remain a place of peace, reflection, and remembrance for families for years to come. It is through the collective support of our community that Fairview Memorial Park can continue to serve as a sanctuary for both the living and the departed.

Make a Gift Today

To contribute gifts can be made payable to Fairview Memorial Park with “Payable to Care Trust Fund” written in the memo line of your check. You can also make a gift by credit card by calling our office at 847-455-2714. Please mail your gift to:

Fairview Memorial Park
Attn: Perpetual Care Fund
900 N Wolf Rd
Northlake, IL 60164-1499

Disclaimer: Gifts to the Perpetual Care Fund are not tax-deductible. However, the Care Fund is a separate legal entity from Fairview Memorial Park. By law, all income received by the Fund must be dedicated to the cemetery’s maintenance and beautification. The Fund’s finances are audited annually to ensure transparency and responsible use of your contribution.

We express our sincere gratitude for your support. Together, we can ensure Fairview Memorial Park continues to serve as a treasured landmark for generations to come.