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The memorial park is very clean and well maintained. The ladies in the office are easy to work with especially Randi ! I have my late wife’s grave there and just recently I purchased a plot next to her for my mother in law . When we go through tough times loosing loved ones is good to have someone that cares . God bless the entire team there ! Adrian
Response from the owner: Hi Adrian,Thank you so much for sharing your kind words about Fairview Memorial Park. We are happy to hear that Randi was able to assist you with compassionate care. We understand that losing loved ones is a very difficult experience, and we are here to support you in any way we can.
My family had a wonderful experience with Randi during a very difficult time. We had to take of 2 burials that had quite a few issues....Randi kept me and my brothers informed along the way while handling everything.
Response from the owner: Hi Chris Cloughley,Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this kind review, especially during such a difficult time for you and your family. We are delighted to hear that Randi was able to assist you and your brothers, and keep you informed throughout the entire process. She will be thrilled to hear your positive feedback.
Thank you to Randi, Pedro, Rene at Fairview Memorial Park for all your help and assistance. We very thankful for the wonderful work that your team provided. After we were upset because our son’s headstone had become damaged, the team stepped up and immediately fixed it. Randi, Pedro, and Rene are truly helpful and we appreciate what you’ve been able to do for us.
Response from the owner: Hi Ramona Carrera,Thank you so much for your kind words and 5-star review. We are deeply sorry to hear about the damage to your Son's headstone. We understand how upsetting that must have been, and we are grateful for your patience and understanding as our team worked to fix it.
One of the hardest decisions to make is where to bury a loved one. Fortunately for my family and I, we have an opportunity to research and review several places. Fairview is by far the best option available and the customer service provided by the staff is outstanding. While the cost can be somewhat unexpected there are a variety of options. The peaceful setting of trees and green grass make this a great choice for my mom and stepdad's final resting place. If you are able to don't wait until it's too late, plan ahead.
Response from the owner: Hi Rev. Ortiz-Lugo,Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind review about Fairview Memorial Park. We understand what a difficult decision it is to choose a final resting place for a loved one, and we are honored that you chose Fairview Memorial Park for your Mother and Stepfather. We appreciate you acknowledging the dedication of our hard-working staff and will be sure to share your feedback with them. Thank you again for your support, we appreciate you.
My father used to love the tranquility, beauty and peace that parks exude. These are primary reasons why I personally chose burial for my loving father at Fairview Memorial Park. However, I also realize that the professionalism and customer care by which the staff affords is just as important. Every time I visit my father’s grave site I always look around to absorb the wonderful environment as it’s just so relaxing. I know my father is happy. Please visit Fairview Memorial as I am certain it will make a great option for your loved one when the time arrives.
Response from the owner: Hi Ivan Ortiz,Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming review of Fairview Memorial Park, we are honored that you entrusted us with the care of your beloved Father. We strive to provide families with a peaceful environment and the utmost professionalism and care. We appreciate your kind words about our staff and beautiful grounds.
It’s an emotional smack in the face when you find yourself in this situation, especially when my Dad was there with me and knowing where the journey will start. Randi Naccarato took her time explaining the numbers and options for both of my parents. Randi understood that the process is not an easy process and will take her time.Thank you Randi!CM
Response from the owner: Hi Cesar Meraz,Thank you for sharing your experience at Fairview Memorial Park. We are grateful for your kind words about Randi and her service during this difficult time. Providing compassionate care is our top priority at Fairview Memorial Park. We truly appreciate your feedback and support!
Special thanks to the groundskeepers Pedro y Alex for their amazing job cleaning the park and making sure our loved ones resting place looks beautiful.
Response from the owner: Hi Gloria Bueno,Thank you for your kind words and 5-star review. Our groundskeepers work very hard to ensure Fairview Memorial Park reflects the care and respect we have for all those buried here. We will be sure to pass your compliments on to them.
Really great people , who help you through a tuff time in your life , make the process easy , very nice people to work with
Response from the owner: Hi Alejandro Aguila,Thank you for taking the time to share your experience at Fairview Memorial Park. Our team strives to provide compassionate care during your time of need, and we are glad to hear we were able to assist you.
I put my trust into Fairview and they didn't disappoint. So many options to choose, but Randi walked me through it, and we selected a package that was right for mom. I was so happy to find someone that was a straight shooter and that cared how my siblings and I were feeling. I would recommend Fairview for it's beautiful, and well kept grounds, and especially the warm hearted staff.Thank you!E.
Response from the owner: Hi Mr. Fernandez,Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience at Fairview Memorial Park. We are glad to hear that Randi was able to assist you and make the process easier for you and your family. Your kind words mean a lot to Randi and the entire Team at Fairview Memorial park, thank you for your support.
Randi has been AWESOME in answering questions and dealing with very difficult decisions. She was patient, kind, friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely a asset to the company/ cemetery..My Family members are all buried here .Thank You for making it easier to make a decision.
Response from the owner: Hi Ms. Nieves,We are thrilled to hear that Randi was able to assist and guide you through your difficult decisions. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience at Fairview Memorial Park. We are grateful that you chose Fairview Memorial Park to care for your loved ones.
Thank you Fairview Memorial Park + Staff!!! You all made things so much easier to get through with all of your help, love and support shown at such a difficult season in our lives! Everything went exceptionally well with my Dad's burial. The grounds are ALWAYS kept so nice and neat and it's such a beautiful and serene experience each time my brother and I go to visit our Dad's gravesite. I want to send a special THANK YOU to Randi!!! She was so patient, kind and encouraging throughout the process of creating my Dad's grave marker - She kept in touch and communicated so well and answered ALL of my questions and concerns. The grave marker was ordered and installed when promised. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Blessings to you all - The Givens Family
Response from the owner: Hi Crys Joi,Thank you for the kind words and for supporting Fairview Memorial Park with a 5-star review! We strive to provide the best customer service, and we are delighted to share your positive feedback with Randi and the entire Fairview Memorial Park team!
Fairview is one of Northlakes hidden gems. Unlike other cemeteries it does not have that haunted feel to it because the monuments have started crumbling and fading throughout the years. Since they only allow lawn level markers it has the serenity of a well manicured golf course than a cemetery. The improvements they have made in the last few years like removing all that brush in the front has only added to my number of stars. Furthermore the staff is genuinely friendly and makes you feel like a part of the family. I have never been there without receiving a warm greeting!
Response from the owner: Ms. Smith,Thank you for taking the time to share your experience at Fairview Memorial Park and for supporting us with a 5-Star review!
So I went to the cemetery today to remove flowers before the Halloween deadline.I have to compliment the staff as well as the groundskeepers who do a fantastic job keeping up ALL graves, including the forgotten ones.Dead trees have been removed, the lawn is fantastic, and when my mom's copper vase was stolen (had happened at many surrounding cemeteries)It was replaced by the cemetery.The management appears different from when I buried my mom a decade ago, but it's all for the good.I can't say enough about this small community cemetery.
Very loving people ❤️
Got lost in Jiafei's basement so much fun!
My mother been there going on 11 year’s
Great staff
Love this place. It ain't perfect but its nice. Use to work here 15 years ago and have many family and friends buried here. Being Ruben back!
I buried two sons and granddaughter two daughter in laws..They were very helpful , take very good care of the graves
Loved the open space and the staff are so great
I know that cemetery... grandparents are buried there. Sucks that they cut down the tree that sat in the small spot were it is empty as a kid we would climb on it and I also have a picture with my kids and my brothers kids on it.
Wonderful place! The office staff is very nice and friendly. Debbie is very patient and took the time to explain everything and make sure I understood. Thanks for all your help.
Wonderful experience with the staff. Very friendly and helpful. Debbie was very patient and explained everything. Thanks, Ed
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Not confusing you can tell where the exit is.
My brother auntie uncle cousin is laid to rest there.it's a really nice place and clean the people's who work there are great and very nice.it look like a park you'll never no it's a Cemetery.i see other cemeteries and they look scary to go in.you feel at home walking into fairview.we have picnics sometimes by my brother gave sight.it's lovely
Both my dad and sister are laid to rest here. They done a wonderful job both times. Each time i called in with a request, they did it without hesitation. Thank you for all the hard work. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you.
My mom is buried here best place we could of ever picked
Kind people that work with you and it's a very clean and well kept cemetery.